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04 August, 2008

Socially Responsible Films

This is an excellent resource for Socially Responsible Films

24 July, 2008

How to Bypass Internet Censorship

I've noticed that the pkblogs website has been suspended so here are three more clever ways to to access web pages from censoring nations...
Click here

20 July, 2008

Sioux Falls Jazz & Blues Fest

Talk about good times... check out the line-up for this 2 day free concert. An estimated 90,000 people were anticipated and there was room for them all. I also enjoyed the availability of Granite City's IPA, offered for the same price of $4.00 per cup as the more commercial swill.
...Robben Ford was amazing.

06 July, 2008

Saturday in the Park

Went to Saturday in the Park yesterday. Big Happenins here in Sioux City. It's an annual free concert. This year was headlined by Umphery's McGee, The BoDeans, and Phil Lesh and Friends. Great weather, good folks, high times in Iowa.

30 June, 2008

Lake Okoboji Cycling Classic

Did the University of Okoboji Cycling Classic last Saturday. There are three options, 25, 50, or 100 mile rides. I, as a relatively sedentary individual as of late, of course, chose the 25. Good choice. Other folks that have been doing this ride for years tell me that it was the windiest they had ever seen. We finished the ride and went to The Ritz, a cool lakeside bar, and (luckily) found a table outside. Within 45 minutes the wind began sending food and drink asunder with sideways rain to acompany it. God bless the folks on the longer rides, I don't know how (or if) they finished. We spent the rest of the weekend doing all the recommended activities. Went to the bars that evening and saw a couple of bands from Minneapolis. All the bars are packed shoulder to shoulder, don't think it matters who the band is, here, you find an audience. Sunday we went to the Barefoot Bar. Click on the link for a live cam. Yep, that's right palm trees in Iowa. Last but not least we went to Arnold's Park, one of the oldest running amusement parks in the country, and I, being blessed with the opportunity, rode the wooden roller coaster. Big, bumpy, fun. Hooray for fun!! Anyway, all good things must end, so, back to the parking lot and back to Sioux City. See 'ya next week.

26 May, 2008


I'm walking under a surreal blue sky. More intensely blue than anyone else under it could possibly imagine. Why? Because I'm in love and I'm on my way to meet my baby. I'm walking over the last hill of my journey before I'll be able to see her. How do I know? 'Cause I can feel it. I know it. She's there, just a matter of this land gettin' outta my way. As I crest the final hill that is obstructing me from her, I see dozens of people before me but there she shines! The one person I've been able to find in a crowd since I met her. The best girl in Iowa! She sees me too and we draw toward each other as we have always done, smiling, eager to be together. As she becomes close enough for me to read intimately, I see something wrong. Everything is in place, the smile, the confident gait, yet I'm sure something is wrong, forced, not sincere. We approach, smiles present and I reach out my arm, eager for that rush of feeling that will shelter each other from the harshness of this world. As my arm closes around her, a searing, piercing pain consumes me. It radiates from my side and the shock of it threatens my breath. Gasping, I look towards the source and am stunned to see a dagger still firmly held by her, embedded in my side, between my ribs. I look into her eyes and I see nothing. Her face is flat as the dead yet she still holds the knife firmly. I fall to my knees, disbelief and agony swirling together threatening to consume me. I look up into her still eyes, searching for anything familiar, a clue as to what is happening to me... Nothing. WHY? I haven't caught my breath since the crime yet all I can ask is WHY. I stare up into her eyes, looking for any sign of compassion and use all the energy I have in me and yell WHY!!! She stares at me with clinical precision, emotionally blank yet attentive and says nothing. The betrayal bursts with a brilliant explosion of white light before my eyes and anger wells from my chest and blasts from my mouth. I shout WHY? A brief flicker of hatred flashes in her eyes but it's gone before I'm sure I saw it. Then the knife twists sharply. I feel the blade scrape against bone and I crumple the rest of the way to the ground face down in the dirt. I weep, sob, wail, and choke on the dirt, WHY, WHY, Why, why, whyyyyeee. I turn my pathetic, mud smeared, face up from the ground and see that she is squatting over me, still holding the knife, and... smiling an amused smirk with a hint of gratification. At last it hits me. She's been telling me why all along. It's who she is. It's what she does. I've been feeding her, giving her power. I look at her face again and the smile is gone. She looks almost vacant again except for a distant, inward, recognition of something. She releases her grip on the knife and calmly stands up. As I reach for the knife she is already turning, walking away. I pull the knife from my side and stare at it. It's only one inch long and one inch wide. I see that I will be alright. "Sweet Jesus I'm glad that's over" I exclaim. From her dwindling silhouette I hear her say "Yeah, but it was good while it lasted".
(Not remotely related to Nino)

10 April, 2008

Geography Test

Think you know your Middle Eastern countries? Take the test by clicking here. Just drag the country name over the coresponding location on the map.

06 December, 2007

The 2007 Darwin Awards are here

10 June, 2007

The Music Genome Project

Don't just set there lookin' at it, fer cryin' out loud! Click it.

30 May, 2007

Some Deep Thoughts (By Jack Handy)

I can picture in my mind a world without war, a world without hate. And I can picture us attacking that world, because they'd never expect it.
Some More of Jack Handy's Greatest Hits

20 April, 2007

Secular Freethought Society at ASU

20 March, 2007

17 February, 2007

Si hoc signum legere potes, operis boni in rebus Latinus alacribus et fructuosis potiri potes!

(If you can read this sign, you can get a good job in the fast-paced, high-paying world of Latin! )

10 January, 2007

14 May, 2006

And so it begins, indeed

03 May, 2006


Ok, I admit I've been worse than neglegent with this blog BUT... I have an acceptable excuse. I've been busy being involved in the grandest love imaginable. I admit that I have kept from sharing this ENORMOUS piece of my personal life on this blog but that is because it has been exactly that. Enormously personal. Until now. I can no longer contain this secret. I was certain that I had learned all there is to know about "love" and relationships and was confident with the belief that I would remain alone the rest of my life. I had created a set of standards too high to attain. Then I met Nino. In the past I have spent up to 5 years being uncertain of the relationships I 've been in. After only 3 dates with Nino I knew something VERY different was happening and after only 1 month I was sure she was "the one". A few months later I found that any resevations I have ever had with anyone were gone. I would sincerly and literaly not only cross the world for her but happily give my life for her as well. The only logical thing left to do for a man in my condition was to propose marraige. Cick anywhere to see pictures of the results.

18 March, 2006

Snow in Arizona, at last!!!

29 January, 2006

New Set of Links in Sidebar!

I just started a much over due link catagory for techie's and can't think of a better first link than Karen's Power Tools. See if you agree

Are You Tired of Understanding the Web Pages You Visit?

22 January, 2006

Royce and Doug go to California

21 January, 2006

Traffic Zap

Ok, I'm back. First allow me to apologize to anybody that remains for the crappy Traffic Zap service i had incorporated with this blog. They claim to increase traffic to your page better than any similar service. They just forgot to mention how pissed off the visitors are when they arrive. The code, when placed into your template, "redirects" your guests to other subscribers pages, burying them in pages of pop-ups they had no interest in to begin with. I guess it operates under the philosophy that people are sheep and will happily go where ever they are led. Anyway, the code is gone, I'm sorry and it won't happen again.

21 December, 2005

Perry Bible Fellowship

Click on image to enlarge.
Click Here for archives.

15 November, 2005

58 Page Report on Phishing

This is a very comprehensive whitepaper report created for the Dept. of Homeland Security that defines cyber-scamming methodologies and security solutions. This is Essential knowledge for all on-line users. Read pdf file Here. I've also placed a phishing update in the right hand side-bar. It's astounding. These crooks are at it all day...

12 November, 2005

Infomine Search Engine, Quality over Quantity

For those of you who require accurate, dependable answers to their search inquiries, try this search engine....
It is designed By some of the best librarians in the country (U.C. Berkley) to find the most credible sources for your search. Only authoratative sites that stand behind their information are included, gov, .edu, ect...

06 November, 2005

VGG | A Transmission from Space!

Finally, definitive proof of extraterrestial life! See the Transmission from Space!

04 November, 2005

Welcome to Plug and Pray

Plug And Pray, Faith and efficiency. Combined

03 November, 2005

Panexa (Acidachrome Promanganate)

Panexa, the drug to take when you need to take a drug.

30 October, 2005

When an improvement is out of the question, try a lobotomy... for a change.

Read Here about the social and historic effect of lobotomies since the 1930's.

26 October, 2005

Trojan Targets Skype Users

Skype users beware of false upgrade e-mail read about it Here in

23 October, 2005

The World's Finest Love Hamster

Click Here
for true hamster

22 October, 2005

((((( SUPER SIZE ME )))))

20 October, 2005

Watch Free, Live Internet Television - The ManiaTV! Network

Very cool site. Interact live at The ManiaTV! Network

19 October, 2005

Drivers License Search - National Motor Vehicle License Bureau

18 October, 2005

Corporate Model

17 October, 2005

States Ranked Smartest to Dumbest Based on Public Schools

Guess who came in last. You'll probably never guess. especially if your from Arizona. Give up? Click Here.

14 October, 2005


Click Here for the whole collection of Demotivators

10 October, 2005

Check out link to funny signs Here

08 October, 2005

Extracting Video from the Brain

Read Here how scientists extracted video from 177 cells of a cats brain.

Hey! Remember Bloom County?

Check out Classic Bloom County Reruns on Yahoo News. A different one everyday.

07 October, 2005

Deconstructing Harriet

Link to the The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on the latest dis-appointment

Van Gogh's Harvest

Just felt like counter-balancing all this sillyness with something beautiful and appropriate for this time of year.

Neil Young's Prairie Wind

Listen to NPR interview with Neil Young and then listen to his new album in its entirety Here

06 October, 2005

Zombie Alert -- Home Protection for Sophisticated Families

At Last! We can sleep peacefully!

05 October, 2005

More Zoo Weirdness

This Is My Other Blog

Thog's Grog Blog, for all that Ales ya'.

29 September, 2005

Breast Cancer Benifit Concert Pics

Sorry, a little late with these... We organized a concert to help the Chicas for Chi-Chis meet their goal and participate in the Susan Koman 3 Day Walk for the Cure. Here's a few pictures of the event,,, Concert Pics

27 September, 2005

Human beings do not have dominion over the plants and animals. To act as so is arrogant, profane, and ultimately a boomerang honed for suicide. The non-human earth has an identity just as strong as ours, and a station in life as valuable. The welfare and wishes of the inhuman must be taken into consideration by any civilization with legitimate chances for survival, although the issue is not merely pragmatic but moral and aesthetic. Humanity is a function of nature. It cannot live seperately except in a self-deceiving masquarade. It cannot live in opposition except in a schizophrenic crime. It cannot blind itself to the wonders of nature without mutating into something too monsterous to love.
-Tom Robbins

21 September, 2005

Local Movie, Never Been Thawed, Takes Off

It's good to see Never Been Thawed doing so well, it deserves it. A hilarious, unique, indie film right otta' hometown Phoenix, hopefully coming to your town. Check out the Props used in this movie.

19 September, 2005

Bob Log on Thog Blog!

For those of you that didn't know that great music comes from Arizona, meet the great Bob Log the 3rd. Fomally of Doo Rag, he now is a one man band, playing hyper-driven slide guitar and a bass drum while singing into a mic comcealed behind his motorcycle helmet, creating a Mississippi delta punk, blues. Sorta'. What more needs to be said? Oh yeah, Check out his videos.

06 September, 2005

Club Congress 20th Anniversary Celebration

Went to the Club Congress 20th Anniversary Celebration
What a bash! 40 bands! 20 reunions! My favorite moment was when Doo Rag pulled a guerilla attack by performing in the womens bathroom of the Rialto theater. The kinda story you save for the grandkids.

23 August, 2005

One of My Favorite Magazines..

Part art, part philosophy, some science The S U N, a magazine of ideas is hard to catagorize. I like that.

14 July, 2005

More Don...

10 July, 2005

Ever Heard of Don Hertzfield?

Click Here for enlightenment

16 May, 2005

Cosmic Bath

After your done clawing at your eyes, chek out William Shatners new rock album here.
It's really rather enjoyable, with a dry wit and loaded with great guests like Henry Rollins, Joe Jackson, Amy Mann, and Ben Folds.

06 April, 2005

I'm A

And how!

16 March, 2005

More Sex, Zoos, and Politics

Read here about the 2 sexual harrasment charges against the Gorrilla Foundation by women who refused to show their nipples to Koko the ape. Koko is better known for her very large vocabulary using sign language. Guess what she's learned to ask for now.

14 March, 2005

Not that there's anything wrong with that....

Read here about a German zoo that scrapped its plans to break up gay penguins due to pressure from gay rights groups.

09 February, 2005

A good springi in the Arizona desert.This is the Rio Verde area, northeast of Phoenix, looking toward the Four Peaks Mountan range. Posted by Hello

Still Four Peaks, stil spring, several miles closer.

01 February, 2005

The Beauty of Arizona & its cost

30 January, 2005

More Superstition stuff, if you look closely you'll see us the middle.  Posted by Hello

23 January, 2005

Trees I Have Known and Loved

More redwoods

in a stump in Arcata's city park Posted by Hello

1994? Posted by Hello

Yup, I'm a tree hugger Posted by Hello